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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Class

We will be offering an online mindfulness-based cognitive therapy class, aimed at addressing symptoms of depression.   Starts mid October.  Fee is $60+HST for the 8 weeks. Please contact us at for details

Anxiety and Depression in Post-Secondary Students

Anxiety and Depression in College and University Students By Meghan Lederman, M.A., R.P.   Post secondary education is a significant period of stress for students.  Students are facing increased academic demands and social changes in addition to the ongoing physical and biochemical changes of early adulthood.  These physical, biochemical and social changes increase young adult’s…
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Kids and Screen Time

“Screen Time” – Help or Hindrance? October 17, 2017   A frequent topic that comes up in my counselling sessions is concerns regarding whether “screen time” is a help, or a hindrance. Interactive social media such as smartphones, and tablets can provide children, teens and adults with many benefits that include instant entertainment, access to…
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How do I get my kid to listen?

How do I get my kid to listen? By: Meghan Lederman, R.P., M.A. I get asked this question a lot.  As a psychotherapist who works with children, parents want to know the answer to this million dollar question.  This question usually means, “how do I get my kid to do what I ask?” – FYI. …
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Managing Stress in College and University

Managing Stress in College and University By: Meghan Lederman, R.P., M.A. Many post-secondary students are quickly approaching or are in midterms at this point in time.  This can be especially overwhelming for first-year students; but all students feel the pressure.  Knowing what to do to get you through this period with your mental health intact…
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Frazzled Mom Moment

As a child psychotherapist, people often make the assumption that I don’t make mistakes in my parenting (spoiler alert – wrong!).  The truth is, I am armed with a plethora of knowledge about “best practices” in parenting, child development and attachment and bonding; all of this knowledge makes me acutely aware of my perceived shortcomings…
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Helping kids through mass traumatic events

Trauma and Mass Media October 3, 2017   How can you protect your child, or teen from being overly exposed to traumatic events depicted by mass media? Setting boundaries and open communication can be effective ways to reduce negative thoughts, and feelings such as anxiety, fear and stress especially when being exposed to images, and…
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Mindfulness in Welland

We are so excited to announce a new mindfulness meditation program for kids in Welland, ON.  Kids can come participate in mindfulness activities to help: reduce stress, manage anxiety, improve focus and attention, and increase their emotional regulation skills.  This program will provide services to kids in Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and the whole…
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