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Empathy in Kids

Developing Empathy in Kids!   Learning Empathy is as much a part of your child’s development as learning the alphabet, numbers or colours, and equally as important.  Development of empathy in children varies according to individual personalities, temperaments and rate of development. The following is meant as a guideline only.   Age 4-5 years –…
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Using Consequences

Using Consequences Consequences are the results of behaviour.  Consequences can be positive (rewarding, usually the result of positive behaviour) or negative (disappointing, usually the result of negative behaviour. There are two types of consequences: Natural Consequences: Natural consequences can be imposed or happen naturally without intervention.  Safety must always be the first concern of any…
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Managing behaviour in public

Ideas for Managing Behaviour While Playing in the Community Time      out – immediate consequence for behaviour such as non-compliance to rules,      escalating crisis behaviour, and escalating hyperactivity.  Does not need to be framed as a “TIME      OUT”.  Can be framed as “come sit      with me on the bench”. 3      strike…
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