Our Team - Counsellors and Therapists

Meet our team! Click on any individual's name to learn more.  All of our counsellors and therapists have specific training and experience in children's mental health and are a member of a professional college or association.

Karrie Generoux C.Y.C. (Cert.), C.Y.W.

I am a compassionate Child and Youth Worker that is dedicated to providing in home intensive supports to families struggling to manage behaviours both at home and at school.  I provide support and resources to families using an evidence based approach that is client centred and strength based. I have a Child and Youth Worker…
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Lisa Giles M.A.

Lisa is a warm, empathetic counsellor who is dedicated to helping teens and their families manage and overcome the challenges they face.Lisa‘s approach is client-centered with a focus on fostering a strong therapeutic relationship and building on clients’ strengths. Lisa holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from McGill University and is a Canadian…
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Anna Kosinska B.A., C.Y.C. (Cert.)

Child and Youth Counsellor serving Hamilton, Halton, and Peel Region. Anna is a dedicated and passionate child and youth worker, committed to helping kids, teens and families overcome difficulties and achieve their goals. Anna works from a holistic, strength-based, client centered approach, and believes in building therapeutic relationships in bringing about positive change. Anna holds…
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Lorena Patrucco, Registered Psychotherapist (q) E.C.E., M.A.

Lorena is truly passionate about helping individuals to improve their lives. She brings enthusiasm, warmth, and sensitivity to others’ needs into her counselling practice to successfully build therapeutic relationships with the clients she works with.Lorena holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Psychologist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. Lorena has over 17 years working…
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Tricia Schinkel, Registered Psychotherapist B.A., MC:AT

Tricia graduated with a masters degree in counselling and art therapy through Athabasca University and the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She utilizes art and the creative process within psychotherapy as a way to help clients process emotional, physical, behavioural, and mental health issues. Many clients say they are not good at art but being artistic…
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Meghan Lederman, Registered Psychotherapist C.Y.C. (Cert.), M.A.

Meghan  Lederman is a genuine and warm-hearted counsellor.  Meghan helps families create harmony and happiness in their homes, comforts and supports sad and anxious teens, and helps parents feel capable and empowered. Meghan has over 13 years of experience in children’s mental health, and has had the opportunity to work in group homes, treatment centers,…
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