Our Team - Counsellors and Therapists

Meet our team! Click on any individual's name to learn more.  All of our counsellors and therapists have specific training and experience in children's mental health and are a member of a professional college or association.

Morgan Lucas, MA, RP (Q)

Morgan is very passionate about supporting children, youth, and their families. Morgan understands that each family and individual is unique, and her patience allows her to tailor her approach to the specific needs of each individual. Morgan also loves anything creative and uses play-based activities and techniques to form genuine, non-judgmental therapeutic relationships. Morgan first completed an Honors Bachelor of Arts…
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Caitlyn Young, MSW, RSW

Caitlyn is committed to providing children and families a safe space to work on developing skills and building relationships. Caitlyn works with children and youth to develop the skills they need to cope with difficult emotions and situations, as well as empowering parents to feel capable and improve relationships within the family. Caitlyn has over…
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Courtney Murray, BA, MA, RP R.P.

Courtney has a passion for helping children and youth, as well as their families, to overcome challenges they may be facing in their lives. Courtney’s genuine and positive nature and love for anything creative and play-based form the foundation of her approach in building rapport with her clients. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and…
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Justine Nowosiadly, B.A., M.A., R.P. (Q)

Justine is mindful, empathetic and supportive of her clients’ needs. She recognizes that change can be initially frightening, but ultimately freeing in order for an individual to live one’s best life. She strongly believes in walking along side her clients through their journey while simultaneously building strong therapeutic relationships.   Justine has experience working with…
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Meghan Lederman, Registered Psychotherapist C.Y.C. (Cert.), M.A.

Meghan  Lederman is a genuine and warm-hearted counsellor.  Meghan helps families create harmony and happiness in their homes, comforts and supports sad and anxious teens, and helps parents feel capable and empowered. Meghan has over 13 years of experience in children’s mental health, and has had the opportunity to work in group homes, treatment centers,…
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