Sarah Nyland [BASc, MSc, CCLS] Certified Child Life Specialist

Sarah Nyland [BASc, MSc, CCLS] Certified Child Life Specialist,

Sarah Nyland [BASc, MSc, CCLS] is a Certified Child Life Specialist who specializes in the developmental impact and emotional concerns of children, youth and families facing challenging situations. She uses a family systems approach by viewing the child in the context of the larger family. As a compassionate, caring and creative professional, Sarah’s goal is to build upon a child’s strength and resiliency. Using a strengths-based approach, she creates an environment of warmth and acceptance, where every child feels safe, accepted and understood. She incorporates play, art and games along with therapeutic modalities including emotional regulation, mindfulness, bibliotherapy, psychoeducation and parent coaching. She prioritizes providing children, youth and families with appropriate coping strategies, that not only decrease anxiety in the current moment, but can be used for facing challenges in the future.

Sarah supports children, youth and families with a wide range of presenting needs and draws upon her extensive knowledge and counseling expertise in:


Behaviour Management

Coping with a diagnosis

Disabilities (developmental/physical/learning)

Emotional Regulation

Grief and Loss

Mental Illness

Parent coaching



Sarah is a continuous learner and values professional development. She holds an Honors Bachelor’s degree with a major in Child, Youth and Families and a minor in Psychology. She continued her education and obtained a Master of Science in Child Life and Paediatric Psychosocial Care. She has successfully completed additional training courses in grief and bereavement and Play Therapy. She is a member of the Association of Child Life Professionals and the Association of Mental Health Professionals.


Sarah looks forward to discussing her services with you to determine if her support is well matched with your current needs!