Tricia Schinkel, Registered Psychotherapist

Tricia Schinkel, Registered Psychotherapist, B.A., MC:AT

Tricia graduated with a masters degree in counselling and art therapy through Athabasca University and the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She utilizes art and the creative process within psychotherapy as a way to help clients process emotional, physical, behavioural, and mental health issues. Many clients say they are not good at art but being artistic is not a requirement to come to art therapy. Art therapy is also applicable to all ages, not just children. By creating art and reflecting on the artistic process with the therapist, clients can increase self-expression, self-awareness, and personal growth; reduce stress, increase coping skills, and improve overall well-being.

Tricia has worked in a variety of settings: hospitals, schools, mental health agencies, ASD treatment centres, and group homes. She has experience working in palliative care, cancer care, and mental health. Tricia has worked with clients of all ages providing individual and group therapy.

Tricia’s approach is client-centred and tailors her treatment based on the needs of each individual client. She values each client and encourages each client to understand his or her own strengths and resources.

Tricia is genuine, compassionate, and empathetic. She values the mind body connections in relation to overall well-being and feels that art is a fantastic tool to visualize problems and difficulties and understand self. In addition, she also utilizes relaxation and visualization exercises as needed.

Tricia is a member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA). She is the founder and chair of the Hamilton Art Therapist (HARTT) group; connecting professionals and educating the public about art therapy.


  • Client-centred
  • Solution focused
  • Strengths based
  • Bio-psycho-social

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. Pablo Picasso