ADHD Treatment – therapy or medication?

ADHD Treatment – therapy or medication?

adhd-18223I am often asked about ADHD treatment approaches.  I am also often asked for a perspective on medication in the treatment of ADHD. While I am not a physician and do not have the experience or credentials to provide advise about medication, I am a therapist experienced in the treatment of ADHD through therapy.  I also have the opportunity to hear directly from families about what they have found effective.  My most common answer to te question about medication and the treatment of ADHD is, in the treatment of ADHD there are 2 leading and evidence-based treatment options. 1. Behaviour Therapy (i.e. counselling) and 2. Medication.  The research tells us that these approaches will work independent of each other, or in combination.

Does this mean that every child who has been diagnosed with ADHD need medication?  This is a choice that should be discussed through with your child’s physician.  There are many potential pro’s and con’s to medication; each family should ask questions to fully understand the pro’s and con’s for their child.  Many families wish to reserve medication as a final option if treatment with other approaches does not deliver the desired benefits.  I can attest to many children finding relief from symptoms of ADHD with the use of counselling.  Many parents can also influence the behaviour of their child with ADHD by learning and implementing parenting strategies designed specifically for children with ADHD.

Recently, I have been in contact with many parents who are also exploring naturopathic and dietary treatment options.  While I am not familiar with the research on the matter, many parents advise me that the combination of naturopathy, dietary treatment and counselling has produced tremendous results for their child.

I am so excited and encouraged to hear of the success families are having with the treatment of ADHD.  I am also honoured to be able to be a part of that with families as they learn effective strategies for managing ADHD at home and school.

At Family Kinnections we feel so privileged to be a part of the ADHD treatment plan for so many children.

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