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Kids and Screen Time

“Screen Time” – Help or Hindrance? October 17, 2017   A frequent topic that comes up in my counselling sessions is concerns regarding whether “screen time” is a help, or a hindrance. Interactive social media such as smartphones, and tablets can provide children, teens and adults with many benefits that include instant entertainment, access to…
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How do I get my kid to listen?

How do I get my kid to listen? By: Meghan Lederman, R.P., M.A. I get asked this question a lot.  As a psychotherapist who works with children, parents want to know the answer to this million dollar question.  This question usually means, “how do I get my kid to do what I ask?” – FYI. …
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Frazzled Mom Moment

As a child psychotherapist, people often make the assumption that I don’t make mistakes in my parenting (spoiler alert – wrong!).  The truth is, I am armed with a plethora of knowledge about “best practices” in parenting, child development and attachment and bonding; all of this knowledge makes me acutely aware of my perceived shortcomings…
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Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Your Child’s Self-Esteem By Lance Archer Ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of a child who seemingly lacks confidence, is highly self-critical, overly sensitive to correction and blunders, unforgiving of self, and is, overall, pessimistic about their abilities to excel?  Perhaps, in their minds, their way of thinking and feeling about themselves and…
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Mindfulness and Teens

Did you know that mindfulness techniques such as meditation could help regulate an adolescent’s emotions (Snyder et al., 2012)? Mindfulness-based strategies have become popular within the recent decade due to its promotion of psychological health, and more meaningful interpersonal relationships (Burke, 2010; Snyder et al., 2012). Studies have found that applying mindfulness meditation to adolescent…
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Calm Kids Relaxation Strategies

CALM KIDS: TEACHING CHILDREN TO RELAX & BE CALM By Elizabeth Tirovolas for Family Kinnections  Recently I spoke with a mother about how her son had been managing stress lately. “Well”, she said, “having to make time to do relaxation exercises at home is stressing us out!” Many families feel the pressures of today’s hurried,…
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Managing Temper Tantrums

[EDIT – We are working on some new blog posts about emotional regulation and additional strategies for managing tantrums.  These will include an exploration of “Time In” as well as “Collaborative Problem Solving” – Stay tuned for updated information! There are two kinds of temper tantrums:   Manipulative: This temper tantrum generally happens when children…
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Improving Structure to Improve Behaviour

Improve your child’s behaviour by improving structure in your home.  Structure and consistency are the foundation of positive parenting.  Structure provides your child with clear expectations and parameters in which to function.  When a child clearly knows what is expected of them, they are more likely to experience success.  Some children require more structure than others. …
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