Empathy in Kids

Empathy in Kids

Developing Empathy in Kids!


Learning Empathy is as much a part of your child’s development as learning the alphabet, numbers or colours, and equally as important.  Development of empathy in children varies according to individual personalities, temperaments and rate of development. The following is meant as a guideline only.


Age 4-5 years – Most children will:

  • Label and identify some feelings
  • Begin to be aware that others have feelings too
  • Demonstrate some concern for others
  • Begin to attempt to help others
  • Still focus on their own feelings


Age 6-7 years – Most children will:

  • Recognize that each person has different feelings and ideas
  • Be aware of other peoples’ point of view, but still focus on their own thoughts and feelings
  • Differentiate between accidental and intentional actions


Age 8 – Most children will:

  • Become aware of people’s feelings and ideas
  • Blame others for intentional behaviour


Age 9-10 – Most children will:

  • Comprehend that no individual is always right
  • View their own actions as being inspired from internal and external sources
  • Comprehend more emotions such as embarrassment, humiliation and worry
  • Understand that each individual can experience contrasting feelings (joy/anger)
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