Mental Health

Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Trauma and anger impact children and youth too.

1 in 5 children are impacted by a mental health concern. For children and teens this can mean depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, or other mental health concerns. This can be an especially stressful experience for parents and families. Children and youth impacted by mental health concerns can often have behaviour or experiences that are scary for both them, and their parents.

Children and teens may avoid new experiences, or may resist school. They may talk about suicidal thoughts, or urges to harm themselves. They may experience emotional tantrums or meltdowns with very little control of their behaviour. Whatever your child or teen is experiencing we know you want help for them. You want them to feel happy, calm, and in-control. You want them to experience success in their behaviour, their academics and within their social circles. We understand child and youth mental health.

We know how to effectively treat your child’s mental health concerns in ways that are specifically tailored to children and youth. Our therapists all have backgrounds and training specific to counselling and therapy for children and teens. Your child can overcome the struggles they are facing. They can learn and develop new coping techniques and improve their functioning.

You can feel confident that your child is coping and even overcoming their struggles. These issues don’t need to hold your child back. Every child has the potential and an opportunity to excel. We can work with you and your child to achieve this.

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