Group Programs

Group sessions run every fall, winter and spring.  The groups offered during each semester change based on client need.  We welcome your feedback in regards to which groups are most in need.


Groups running this Spring:



Lego Club Social Skills

Social Skills group programs teach children a variety of skills, including: making and keeping friends, anger management/frustration tolerance, dealing with bullies, joining in effectively, engaging in conversation, sharing, and more.  Social Skills programs are designed to meet the learning needs of children and teens impacted by Aspergers/Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and Learning Disabilities, but are open and appropriate for all children who struggle socially.  Our social skills programs are based in evidence based practices, and designed to provide an effective intervention for your child/teen.


Depression Treatment

Searching for Sun depression treatment program for girls in grades 9-12 is an interactive and engaging 10 week program that targets the cognitive, emotional and physical impact of Depression, along with strategies for preventing future depression.

Searching for Sun


Fear Fighters – CBT Anxiety Treatment

For kids aged 7-11.  Fear Fighters uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help children conquer their anxiety.  Children will learn to identify their fears, relax their minds and bodies, and fight back with realistic self-talk.  Group session also includes a parental component to allow parents to continue to support their children at home.

fear fighter