Youth Mentoring

Many children and teens could benefit from an adult to spend positive time with.  Our youth mentors are educated, trained and experienced in children’s mental health.  Often our youth mentors are utilized by families in the following ways:

Special Friend

Maybe you know your child could benefit from a positive adult role model.  Maybe your child needs someone responsible to spend time with outside of the home.  Maybe your child just needs some one-to-one attention, or someone informal to talk to.  If so, a special friend youth mentor may be the answer you’re looking for.

Life Skill Coach

Does your child or teen need support and guidance in learning vital life skills (eg. cooking, laundry, budgeting, making purchases etc)?  Our life skill coaches will meet with you and your child or teen to create a goal plan and then work with your child on a regular basis to learn the life skills they need.

Social Skill Coach

If your child struggles with their social skills, a social skill coach can help! When learning social skills, it is imperative that these skills are rehearsed and practiced in real life situations.  Our social skill coaches are trained in the best methods for supporting your child’s social skill development.  In collaboration with you, the social skill coach will develop a treatment plan for addressing your child’s social skill needs, and work with your child to rehearse and practice social skills in real life situations (either within, or outside of your home).

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