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Managing Temper Tantrums

[EDIT – We are working on some new blog posts about emotional regulation and additional strategies for managing tantrums.  These will include an exploration of “Time In” as well as “Collaborative Problem Solving” – Stay tuned for updated information! There are two kinds of temper tantrums:   Manipulative: This temper tantrum generally happens when children…
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Improving Structure to Improve Behaviour

Improve your child’s behaviour by improving structure in your home.  Structure and consistency are the foundation of positive parenting.  Structure provides your child with clear expectations and parameters in which to function.  When a child clearly knows what is expected of them, they are more likely to experience success.  Some children require more structure than others. …
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3 Tips to Minimize Behaviour Meltdowns!

Parenting a child who displays intense, dysregulated emotions can be challenging and exhausting.  The smallest inconsistency, conflict, or problem can result in a meltdown at world war III proportions –  true behaviour meltdowns!  Addressing these difficulties in children requires a multi-faceted approach, but these three tips will get you started!  Be preventative:  Take a moment…
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Behaviour Extinction a Parenting Strategy

Extinction (getting rid of the behaviours you don’t want, and increasing behaviours you do want) can be a great parenting strategy to use to change your child’s behaviour.     Part 1: Positive Reinforcement Reward      the behaviours you want to see** Praise       and acknowledge all positive behaviour.        Be specific. Tell exactly why…
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Using Consequences

Using Consequences Consequences are the results of behaviour.  Consequences can be positive (rewarding, usually the result of positive behaviour) or negative (disappointing, usually the result of negative behaviour. There are two types of consequences: Natural Consequences: Natural consequences can be imposed or happen naturally without intervention.  Safety must always be the first concern of any…
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