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Mindfulness and Teens

Did you know that mindfulness techniques such as meditation could help regulate an adolescent’s emotions (Snyder et al., 2012)? Mindfulness-based strategies have become popular within the recent decade due to its promotion of psychological health, and more meaningful interpersonal relationships (Burke, 2010; Snyder et al., 2012). Studies have found that applying mindfulness meditation to adolescent…
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Family Meetings

Family Meetings The below family meeting agenda is a helpful outline for structuring a family meeting.  It is particularly helpful when getting started with the concept of having regular family meetings. Family meetings can be helpful for planning and maintaining family rules, increasing family communication and increasing family harmony. We encourage families to institute a…
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Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy By Emily Peck, SSW Intern Solution focused therapy (SFT) or sometimes called brief solution focused therapy is a type of therapy that is goal oriented and focuses mostly on the here and now. Unlike some other forms of talk therapy, SFT is not very concerned with past difficulties that brought the client…
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