Hannah Taylor-Johnson, (She/Her)

Hannah Taylor-Johnson, (She/Her), DCiiAT, R.P. (Qualifying)

Is your child struggling with change, consistency, or big feelings? Are you concerned about your teen withdrawing? Do you just want your child to feel comfortable in themselves and thrive in a changing, confusing world? I specialize in the treatment of children, youth, and family facing mental health challenges, including: depression, neurodivergency (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, NVLD), anger, grief, loss, racial trauma, family conflict, immigration, intergenerational trauma, and change. All with the goal of supporting ease, healing, and self-acceptance.
I have over a decade of experience in mental health with three years in the psychotherapy world, including work with rural Developmental Services, the Canadian Armed Forces, The African-Caribbean Black community, and the National Health Service in the UK. Mental health concerns impact the entire family unit and can cause discomfort, worry, and conflict.
I offer families the opportunity to find calm, peace, and strong communication skills to weather all storms. My training in art based psychotherapy, family therapy, and somatic/eco therapy provide the tools to help your family find cohesion and healing. I work from a decolonizing, LGBTQ+ friendly, inclusive, empowerment perspective.
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