Our Values at Family Kinnections

At Family Kinnections we are firmly rooted in our values and rely on them to guide and direct our work with you.

Our Mission is to activate change within individuals, families, and their greater systems; to assist them to achieve happiness, harmony, and wellness.

At Family Kinnections, our mission is rooted in:

Respect:We endeavour to demonstrate respect for all through our actions and interactions.  We respect each individual and family’s inherent differences, culture, and background.

Family Centeredness: We believe that our services should cater to the needs, goals and strengths identified by individual families.  We believe that treatment plans should be designed to meet the unique and individual needs of each family we serve.

Solution Focus:  We endeavour to assist families in finding short and long-term solutions to the problems they are facing in a direct and meaningful way.

Growth: As individuals, we continuously strive for our own personal and professional growth.  Additionally, we continuously seek to support our clients in growth and development of their strengths, skills, and assets.

Autonomy: We believe in promoting and developing self-sufficiency and autonomy with the clients we serve.

Responsiveness: We recognize the challenges and stresses families face, and we strive to be responsive to the needs of our clients.  We endeavour to do this by fully understanding the problems families are facing, developing treatment plans that fit with family’s goals and lifestyles, and responding to client needs in a timely and professional manner.